Your machine operators are safe with SCRAPER

Increased attention is being paid to the safety of construction machinery operators. It is not uncommon for excavators, bulldozers, loaders and dump trucks to be used in dangerous or challenging conditions: demolition work, where there is a risk of landslides, polluted areas, difficult topologies, noise, odours, etc. and to protect oneself from danger, what better way than to stay out of it. SCRAPER allows you to convert your existing machines or future acquisitions to permit remote control. But working with an excavator, for example, without being in the cab, can in some cases be almost impossible. Thus SCRAPER has been designed to put you virtually in the driving seat of your machine, as if you were there. Binocular vision, peripheral cameras, live streaming and controls effectively with no perceptible time lag, driving characteristics that closely mirror those of your machine, etc. Everything has been thought through and tested to ensure a working experience that is as close as possible to that pertaining in the cab. The icing on the cake is that your SCRAPER-equipped machine can still be used normally, so there’s no need for a dedicated remote-controlled machine park.

Product history

In recent years, the Digger Foundation’s humanitarian demining activities have been confronted with the massive destruction of cities in the Middle East, North Africa and Ukraine. We therefore wanted to offer a solution that would ensure the safety of construction machinery operators working in urban environments heavily contaminated by highly explosive devices. The SCRAPER system was developed to meet this new challenge.

How do we work

Our customer service department, together with our design office, ensures the virtual integration of our SCRAPER system into your machine’s electronic, hydraulic and mechanical systems, once you have informed us of the precise model and desired options you require. SCRAPER comes in the form of a custom-made kit put together in our workshops in Switzerland. It is then installed by our technicians in your machine, either at your premises or ours, at your convenience. Once the installation is complete, a short training course of one or two days is given to your staff. Finally, it’s over to you, in complete safety!

In detail

The SCRAPER system is divided into three parts:

  1. On your machine
  2. Cameras
  3. Control system

1) On your machine

Some permanent modifications need to be made to your machine. These enable radio communication, intelligent processing of commands and video streaming. They ensure safety according to current standards and take control of your machine.

The hydraulic part of the SCRAPER system takes over control of your machine in remote-control mode.

The electronic part of the SCRAPER system is in charge of safety management, providing the radio link and operating the controls of your machine.

SCRAPER is suitable for both fully hydraulic and electro-hydraulically controlled machines. It is compatible with most types of construction equipment, regardless of the brand.

We also install any additional safety devices necessary for meeting the relevant safety standards for remotely-operated equipment (warning lights, horns, emergency stops, etc.).

2) Cameras

Controlling your machine remotely is one thing, but without good vision your work quickly becomes limited. The SCRAPER system is distinguished by its sophisticated video system which has evolved over many years. In addition to our detachable AVATAR stereoscopic camera, other auxiliary cameras can also be permanently installed.

The AVATAR binocular camera is installed in the usual position of the driver’s head to provide you with the most realistic impression possible. Its stereoscopic vision gives you a much better understanding of the three dimensional space surrounding you, leading to a much higher work output.

The AVATAR, contained in a case, can be deployed very quickly whenever you want as required. If you are suddenly faced with a situation where you need to work at a safe distance, no problem, it only takes a few minutes to switch over to the remote control mode.

If you have opted for a version including peripheral auxiliary security cameras, for example, these will also be permanently installed, if necessary with customised protection.

3) Control systems: Three possible solutions

The choice of which control system is most suitable will depend on the duration of your remote work in the field, how often it occurs and your budget. We have therefore developed three distinct solutions:


EZ-LIGHT : immediate use / simplicity

EZ-LIGHT is the solution that allows you to react quickest and is designed for short-term interventions. You are faced with a situation where remote control of your machine is required. No problem, EZ-LIGHT fits into a suitcase and is ready for use in just a few minutes.

The EZ-LIGHT control system is a light-weight solution which can be put into action very quickly, based mainly on a remote control system and a Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

All the functions of the VR display (stereoscopic view from the working camera, view from the auxiliary cameras, handling of data from the machine, view in “transparent mode” to see the remote control, etc.), can be processed in real-time thanks to the powerful backpack computer.

The EZ-LIGHT control system can be powered autonomously from its own battery system, or be connected to an electrical power supply for longer periods of working.

COCKPIT : ergonomics / mobility

The COCKPIT control system recreates a control environment very similar to that of your machines, making it very much easier for your operators to get to grips with the remote control. It offers great flexibility of usage, whether in a vehicle, an on-site trailer or a building. This solution is perfectly suited to long-term construction sites.

Using a high-speed radio link with no perceptible time lag, is fully focused on controlling the machine, thanks to a Virtual Reality (VR) helmet.

The COCKPIT control system is equipped with joysticks, similar to those used in construction machines.

The COCKPIT control system can be transported securely in its rugged carrying case.

The COCKPIT control system can be installed on the back seat of a service vehicle or anywhere else that offers the operator shelter and comfortable working conditions.

The COCKPIT control system can be used autonomously powered by a small, silent generator or connected to the mains supply, where available.

EUREKAB : comfort / long lasting

EUREKAB is a cab-type control system designed specifically for the remote control of your machines. It provides a comfortable working environment for the operator (with air conditioning, lighting, USB chargers, small refrigerator, DAB+ radio, etc.). It offers great versatility in handling video streaming from the machine (via screens and VR glasses). It is perfectly suited to all sites lasting from a few days to several years.

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Technical data

Operational range 250m in line of sight

An optional repeater can be used to extend the range to several kilometers, and also bypass obstacles, where required.

Frequencies Transmission of video and machine information: 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz

Control and safety system: 433 MHz

Frequencies may vary depending on the country of use

Safety level Performance level according to ISO 13849 : Up to PL-d depending on specific conditions of use
Work camera 1 : Stereoscopic binocular camera, 720p, aperture 110°
Peripheral cameras Up to 5 auxiliary cameras, placed according to customer requirements
Geolocalisation (optional) GPS

GPS-RTK (accuracy of 2cm)

* The full technical data sheet can be found in the brochure.